Enable auto-suggestion, product attributes that customers can use to search
Provides the capability that lets users quickly and effectively search the content or product catalogs in a store.
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    In the theme editor (Customize), click Theme settings
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    Locate Store contact
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    Make necessary changes
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You can enable one or all of the following features for search.
  • Enable predictive search: a feature that predicts what users are searching for and shows results as users type.
  • Search using product's tags
  • Search using product's description
You can set some predefined popular search queries to suggest the search result and choose how out-of-stock products show (hide/show at last).
The default fields searched on are 'title', 'product_type', 'variants.title', and 'vendor'. For the best search experience, users should search on the default field set, or as fewer fields as possible.