Product variation swatches
Display the product variants in different form on both Quickview modal and product page.
Check the video below for instruction

1. Variant option design

Merchants are able to set up up to 5 variations globally for the whole store. They can add brand, size, colors, etc., and choose how it will display (image, color, button, or dropdown).
Default design is used when the option's name doesn't match any of the 5 variant names that merchants have set up.

2. Product colors

Choose the suitable HEX color codes and add them to the provided box.
  • Items separate with a comma.
  • Write color name from product option and separate option with color HEX value.
  • All texts are in lowercase.

3. Associate Parameter with Image

Paste product handle before parameter name and merchant will have a unique image with same name parameter.
Note: In order for the image variant to show correctly, the parameter name (in Associate Parameter with Image) and product's variant value have to be the same.
Additionally, the Variant Option Design for "Color" should be Image/Color.
Merchants can add up to 50 image colors.