Help building the mailing list
Encourage customers to get their latest deals, new collection release update, etc. via the newsletter section. There are 3 displayed forms:
Form with image
  1. 1.
    In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section
  2. 2.
    Locate Newsletter
  3. 3.
Use the following settings to set up the newsletter:

1. Layout & content

Merchants change the container type (full width, default, container box) and color background.
Change the form style (bordered/minimal).
Use the provided text field to add a suitable heading/subheading/description. Can leave it blank if you do not want to display it.

2. Button & placeholder

Activate a call-to-action button and field for entering customers' emails.
Merchants can show "I agree to terms" if needed.
Any customers who sign up will have an account created for them in Shopify admin.