Appears and features store's logo navigation, search and cart icon on top of every page.
Merchants can freely add their logo image and decide which menu to show to their customers in this section.
Header section


Merchants add the custom logo of their store or simply their store name. The recommended format is png with a transparent background, size 200 x 80 px.
  1. 1.
    In the theme editor (Customize), click Header
  2. 2.
    Select image under Logo
  3. 3.
Resize the logo image by increasing or decreasing the width on desktop/mobile or when it is sticky.


Change the position of the logo based on merchants' preferences. It can be set alone or with the 2nd menu.

1. Logo and menu in 1 line

  • Logo in center
  • Logo in center (with 2nd menu)
  • Logo left

2. Logo and menu in 2 lines

  • Logo center
Logo left
  • Logo left
Minimog allows creating a sticky header option to keep the navigation always visible on the scroll.

1. Transparent header with sticky scrolling

2. No transparent header with sticky scrolling

3. Default scrolling


This section allows merchants to display their desired menus (up to 2 menus) along with the logo.
To create/edit a menu, please go to Shopify admin > Navigation & Add menu or click on the menu you want to edit.


As its name suggests, addons provide extra settings to the header such as search box, currency selector, language selector, etc by enabling the suitable checkbox.
For search, merchants can either show the full box or only the search icon.
Regarding currency selector and language selector, merchants must configure them in Shopify admin for them to show on the front-end.
Go to Shopify Admin > Settings > Edit payment and store language.
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