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Everything about Logo

Where you can change logo, the position, the light version, the transparent. etc.


    Logo left, center style, etc.
    Enable sticky on top
    Transparent header


    Logo text (use text instead of an image )
    Logo image
    Extra logo option for transparent header
    Logo width (desktop & mobile, sticky)


    Hit Edit menu and you'll reach Navigation settings
    There are main & secondary menus
    Choose Uppercase first level
To create/edit menu, please go to Navigation & Add menu or click to the menu you want to edit
You can read more about Mega menu in this article


You can choose to hide/show icon/show full search box
    Show account icon
    Show cart icon
    Show wishlist icon
    Show comparison icon
    Show currency selector
    Show language selector


    Payments settings: Go to Settings > Payments
    Language settings: Go to Settings > Store Languages
See more about Currency
Read this article to know how to sell in Multi-currency

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