Theme update

Method to update Minimog theme
Some information that you need to know before updating Minimog theme while using the automatic update method.
1. File will remain after updating
  • All sections (including sections that merchants added)
  • config/settings_data.json
  • snippets/custom-code-head.liquid
  • snippets/custom-code-body.liquid
  • assets/custom.css.liquid
  • template/*.json (all json data with OS 2.0)
  • Alternate template and liquid template (including new templates that merchants added)
  • Assets that you've added (not including JS and CSS)
  • All locale files (including new local and editing ones)
2. File will not be carried out after updating
  • theme.liquid snippets
  • Any files created by a 3rd-party app or customized codes from merchants/dev teams.
All customization will not automatically carry out in the new update version. Kindly check the customization code and move it to the new update version accordingly.
There are 2 methods to update Minimog theme: automatic and manual.

Automatic method (using FoxKit)

1. Go to Foxkit in Apps section.
2. Go to Themes > click Update.
We don't replace the original theme, we will duplicate your current theme settings and apply them to the new version.
All theme settings will be the same as the previous version of the theme, you'll not lose anything there.
3. For CSS and custom codes, you should always add into these sections it will be saved after updating.

Manual method

1. Go to Download tab from the ThemeForest account to download the Minimog theme's latest version.
2. Go to Themes > choose Upload zip file
3. Add the downloaded file
4. To move the configuration (custom code), follow these steps:
  • Go to Actions > Edit code
  • Open settings_data.json & copy all code lines, then paste them into the new file.
5. To move the Translation, follow the steps below:
  • In Edit code page, please find Locales, choose the language you want to use (for example de for Deutch)
  • Copy all data and paste them into your new file.