Theme update

All customization will not automatically appear in the new update version, so you should check clearly before updating

Before starting, please check this article first

1. Automatic Method (by using FoxKit)

You can use our update feature in Foxkit App to update the theme with just one single click
    Go to Foxkit in Apps section
    Go to Themes > Hit Update
    We don't replace the original theme, we will duplicate your current theme settings and apply them to the new version.
    The updated theme is made available as an unpublished theme, you can publish it after checking carefully.
All theme settings will be the same as the previous version of the theme, you'll not lose anything there.
    About custom CSS and custom code, you should always add into these sections it will be saved after updating.

2. Manual Method

    Go to Download tab from your ThemeForest account to download the latest version of Minimog
WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest

Move the configuration (custom code)

    Go to Actions > Edit code
    Open settings_data.json & copy all code lines, then paste to the new file

Move the translation

    In Edit code page please find Locales, choose the language you want to use (for example de for Deutch)
    Copy all data and paste to your new
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