Theme installation
Minimog provides a fast solution to install the demo you love. You can quickly install the theme by using our app - FoxKIT
There are 2 ways to install Minimog's demo

1. Using FoxKit (Recommended)

Step 1: Install FoxKit app

    Go to FoxKitApp & write your store's domain (without
    You can read all details in the page. We need some permissions to help you increase your store's performance & conversions
    Hit Install App

Step 2: Install demo

    Go to Installd demo section
There are Shopify 1 & Shopify 2 demos, you can choose any you like
    Hit Preview to preview the demo, if you want to try the layout hit Install
    Uncheck Publish after install if you want to check demo first > hit Install now
    Preview themes to see how it looks on your store by going to Themes > Actions > Preview
You can Install as trial before purchasing Minimog - check before purchasing.

2. Manual Installation

Step 1: Download the package

    Go to Download pages on ThemeForest & download the latest version of Minimog
    Unzip the file you've just downloaded

Step 2: Upload the file

    Go to Themes choose Upload zip file
    Add file
    Choose the version of theme you want to use (Shopify 1.0 or Shopify 2.0), hit Upload

Step 3: Import demo data

    Find the Data sample file, unzip it
    You will get a list of our demo
    Use Sublime Text to open these kinds of files, open the demo you like most, copy all code lines
    Go to Themes > Actions > Edit code, find settings_data.json & paste the code lines in the step above
Hit Save & preview the result
All images will be replaced by the placeholder images. You should use your own images & products to finish the store
Last modified 1mo ago