Theme installation

How to install Minimog theme for your store
There are 2 ways to install Minimog theme.

Case 1: Install as a trial theme

1. Install the Foxkit app first. Check this article on how to install the app.
2. Go to Install demo section in the app.
  • Hit the Eye icon to preview the demo. Click Try FREE > A popup will show up, read the note and tick the I have read and understand checkbox.
  • Hit the Install as trial theme button. After installing the demo successfully, you can find its version in the Themes section.
You cannot publish or edit code of the trial theme even after you have purchased and activated the license.

Case 2: Install theme after purchasing and activating the license

1. Go to the Foxkit app > Choose License. You are able to purchase the theme after trialing the demo.
2. When clicking on Buy Minimog now, it will lead to the Themeforest page to purchase Minomog.
3. After purchasing the theme, follow this guide to get the purchase code.
4. Go back to the Foxkit app and add the purchase code to activate the license.
5. Then go to the Install demo section and choose a preferable one.
  • Click the Install button, a pop-up will show. Merchants can choose to publish the theme after installing it. Otherwise, leave the box uncheck and choose Install now.
  • After installing the demo successfully, you can find its version in the Themes section.

Manual Installation

1. Download the package
  • Log into Envato account on ThemeForest > Go to Download pages & download the latest version of Minimog.
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Upload the file
  • Go to Themes > choose Upload zip file.
  • Add file
  • Choose the suitable theme version (Shopify 1.0 or Shopify 2.0), click Upload.
3. Import demo data
  • Find the Data sample file, then unzip it.
  • There is a Minimog's demo list to choose from.
  • Use Sublime Text to open the files, choose the preferable demo and copy all code lines.
  • Go to Themes > Actions > Edit code, find settings_data.json & paste the code lines from the previous step.
  • Hit Save & preview the result
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