Integrated review apps
In this article, we will introduct you the review app extensions that can integrate with MINIMOG - Online Store 2.0 themes

Product review apps we recommend

These are the review apps currently available on Shopify Apps that work natively with MINIMOG theme & will require no extra code:

How to enable review app on the theme

Step 1: Go to Theme settings -> App integration -> Product reviews & choose the app as preferred.
Step 2: Choose where to display your Review Widget and Preview Badge (product page, collection page)
  • Review widget is the core widget, which collects and shows the product reviews on your online shop. This widget will be displayed in Product reviews section & Product informations tabs section
  • Rating/Badge shows the number of your product reviews and the aggregate rating of your product. This will be displayed in Product card in Collection page & under Product tittle in Product page.