Quantity discounts
Offer reduced per-unit price
This offer encourages customers to purchase in large quantities.


1. Go to Foxkit app > Choose Quantity discounts.
2. Click Create offer to start.
3. Add a title and offer heading in the blank field. To hide this bulk discount, uncheck the Active box.
4. Determine when the offer will show:
  • All products: apply to all the products that the store has
  • Specific products: need to manually select the products
  • Specific collection: manually add the collection
5. Choose the quantity and discount percentage or fixed amount sale on each product. Can choose "add more" offer for a larger amount.
Cannot combine with other discounts in Shopify admin. Customers will not be able to enter another code if a Foxit discount is already applied to their cart.
6. Save the settings.
Last modified 2d ago
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