Display recommended products when the target product is added to the cart.
Offer shows after a user adds a target product to the cart to suggest a list of products they may want to buy.


1. Go to Foxkit app > Choose Pre-purchase upsell.
2. Click Create offer to start.
3. Write the offer name and mark it as Active if merchants want to show the offer.
4. Next, choose the suitable values for the "Target to" and "Recommended products"
  • All products: apply to all the products that the store has
  • Specific products: need to manually select the products
  • Specific collection: manually add the collection.
5. Choose the active discount to promote the discount percentage or in a fixed amount.
Cannot combine with other discounts in Shopify admin. Customers will not be able to enter another code if a Foxit discount is already applied to their cart.
6. Save the settings.
Last modified 11d ago
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