Loox review
Minimog is working with Loox Review. Please check this article to know how to use it. NOTE: You should use Shopify 2.0 to use this feature
Step 1: Go to Theme Sections and Add section to choose Loox Review
In Homepage > just hit Add section
In Product page: Find Section > Loox Review
Step 2: Go to edit code
Step 3: Search "badge" to find the "product-reviews-app_badge.liquid"
Step 4: Remove everything and change with the code below
<a href=“#looxReviews”>
<div class=“loox-rating” data-id=“{{ product.id }}” data-rating=“{{ product.metafields.loox.avg_rating }}” data-raters=“{{ product.metafields.loox.num_reviews }}“></div>
Note: If you have install Loox Review app before, you should remove it first, then re-install and choose Minimog to apply this feature:
    Go to Apps > Loox > Settings > Display Reviews > Themes and choose Minimog
Last modified 1mo ago
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