Minimog introduction
The Next Generation of Shopify Theme
Minimog theme comes with Exclusive Apps that enable your store’s hidden power. It is easy to set up, requires no coding, and comes with a ton of content blocks that you can mix and match and have a page sorted out instantly. Furthermore, there are over 60+ demos from different categories such as sports goods, shoes, bags, electronics, POD, etc. to choose from & with FoxKit - an exclusive app that is built for Minimog. The document guides will further help your business journey with Minimog to create your own perfect online store.

Demo stores

As stated, Minimog has more than 60+ demos for all industries. Merchants can check some of them at this link

Trial theme

Yes, merchants can get a trial. We are happy to provide a trial period where they can try Minimog theme before purchasing it, so they can ensure that the theme is suitable for them.
Please notice that the trial theme is for testing around, it means merchants can access all features and try Minimog before purchasing, however, they cannot publish or copy the data (even after activating the license).

Get support

Live chat

Merchants can go to and click a pop-up button at bottom left-hand side to start the chat.

Ticksy system

There are 2 different ways to create a ticket:
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